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Jonathan Ehrlich, Ph.D., Director

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Your Foreign-born Speakers Can Be 

More Effective in a Matter of Weeks!


Many companies devote considerable resources to recruiting and hiring employees from around the world.


Improving the effectiveness of your foreign-born speakers ensures that your company realizes the full benefit of their experience and expertise by enhancing their ability to communicate with clients and co-workers.


Our foreign accent reduction programs can help these employees reduce their foreign accents, in just a few short weeks,  thereby:

  • Promoting clearer communication

  • Preventing costly and time-consuming misunderstandings

  • Creating a better impression on clients

  • Allowing for faster career or academic advancement

  • Facilitating more rapid social adjustment


“My accent made working with clients difficult at times. Now, because of Dr. Ehrlich's help, I speak very clearly, make business presentations and even do public speaking.”

- Vincent Rodrigo
Independent IT Contractor




Pro-Speech has trained employees in numerous companies, including:

Avaya, Johnson & Johnson, Cartus, PTC Therapeutics, Citigroup, Pfizer, Dow Jones & Co., Wyeth, Torquoise Consulting, Atlantic Health System, MetLife, Cognizent Tech Solutions, Aventis, Dept of Defense, Aventis, Imclone, and Excelon.