Foreign Accent Reduction/Modification


Jonathan Ehrlich, Ph.D., Director

710 Easton Avenue 

Somerset, New Jersey  

(732) 545-6633

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Choose Individual or Small-Group Training

Pro-Speech offers private training for high-level executives and those needing to make exceptionally rapid progress. We also offer cost-effective group training, where participants receive encouragement from their classmates and benefit from hearing each other’s progress. To ensure personalized attention, no group consists of more than 5 students.


To keep employee travel time to a minimum, individual and small-group training is available at your location, or at the Pro-Speech Office in Somerset.



Courses Available

In addition, Pro-Speech offers a variety of courses suited to different needs:

Our in-depth 13-week program is for foreign-born speakers with a basic competency in written and spoken English. It consists of a 1-hour class each week, plus weekly home assignments using a CD-ROM or tape cassettes. The 13-week program aims to improve speech clarity, allowing speakers to be more easily understood.

Our 7-week public speaking program is designed to improve the skills of organizing and delivering formal presentations. The specific goals will vary for each trainee, but will include organization of the talk, speech mechanics, vocabulary and grammatical selection, and body language. Trainees will prepare and deliver speeches to demonstrate, inform, and persuade. The program consists of a 1-hour class each week, plus home assignments.