Foreign Accent Reduction/Modification


Jonathan Ehrlich, Ph.D., Director

710 Easton Avenue 

Somerset, New Jersey  

(732) 545-6633

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Accent Reduction Training



Pro-Speech training is based on a full linguistic analysis of each participant's speech. The program is tailored to the individual's speech pattern. The specific goals will vary from one speaker to the next. However, all programs include:

  • Initial interview and tape recording

  • Analysis of the participant’s ability to reproduce the  71 phonemes and blends characteristic to English speech (e.g., the “th,” “r,” and “sh” sounds)

  • Individualized program to build competency in phonemes that need work

  • Training manual and complete set of practice exercises in a CD-ROM format

  • Personal "audio-reference" tape and booklet to customize practice

  • A tape-recorded reevaluation to measure success

The degree of accent reduction is carefully tracked and reported back to you.

With reasonable effort and application, a 50% improvement in English phoneme pronunciation is typical. This translates into a noticeable improvement in the participant’s ability to communicate clearly.