Foreign Accent Reduction/Modification


Jonathan Ehrlich, Ph.D., Director

710 Easton Avenue 

Somerset, New Jersey  

(732) 545-6633

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Accent Reduction Training for Clear Communication

Dr. Jonathan Ehrlich, Director of Pro-Speech, reminds employers and employees alike that success at work requires clear communication.

Pro-Speech offers assistance to foreign-born speakers in improving their spoken English. Our clients include engineers, physicians,  programmers, executives, and students - anyone who needs to convey their thinking in a clear and understandable manner.

Pro-Speech's proven methodology can help not only individuals, but companies and organizations of all kinds. Let us help you to improve executive effectiveness. Avoid lost sales or productivity due to misunderstandings.

Please peruse this website (click on topics above) to learn more about Pro-Speech's proven program of accent reduction and to learn about the individual and group classes that are available.

Don’t let a strong foreign accent interfere with your effectiveness or that of your employees! Call Pro-Speech today at (732) 545-6633.